El Gato es out of the bag.

The other day I wrote a mass e-mail to some friends. I don’t normally write mass e-mails nor do I espescially like recieving them. I mean the ocasional I’ve moved here is my new address or you are invited to this or that, those are great reasons to mass e-mail. However the mass e-mails that I don’t like are those that tell important events like: I’m engaged, I’m pregnant, my dog died or I’m getting a nose job. Those monumenal life experiences in my opinion are the types of events that are better told in person or over the phone. My mass e-mail was letting my friends know about my blog. And even though I don’t like mass e-mails I thought this was the perfect way to tell people about my little web log.

Now my friends and loved ones have access to my blog, I guess they always did, but now they know it exhist. But I was thinking… It’s kinda cool how people can stop by my blog read a little about what’s going on. Then it hit me… people whom I am always thinking about, who I should call and personally tell about my life and what has happened lately may already know before I tell them. It would kinda go something like this, Me: “Hey Chanda you are never going to believe what Adam did!” Chanda: “Oh yeah he decided that it would be a good idea to go for a bike ride in Death Valley.” Me: “Hey how did you know that.” Chanda: “I read it on your blog.”

So I guess I am trying to say is that I don’t want this blog to keep me from telling my friends what’s going on in my life. Nor do I want it to replace those phone call which I should be making right now, instead of staring at my computer screen. And all at the same time I don’t want to stop blogging because I just think it’s fun.


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