Vanilla Non-Fat Lattes

It’s a Vanilla Non-Fat Latte! It’s pretty much my favorite beverage.

Today was the first cold day that we have had since last winter. I got to wear my new UGG boots which I love. They are my winter flip flops. From about mid-March to October I don’t wear socks because frankly socks are stupid to wear with flip flops and it’s very uncomfortable. So I bought some UGGs because I thought they would replace my flips, you don’t have to wear socks and I will probably wear them with everything just like my flip flops. They are so warm and cozy.

I went into Starbucks today. That souldn’t be a surprise I have dropped a load of cash in that place. It’s kinda silly. I really should make a pot of coffee at home. But I love walking up the to counter, staring at the coffee menu as if I am going to order something different, deviate from my normal. But as stand somethings slips out of my lips, “I’ll have a nonfatvanillalatte.” Today I sipped on my latte as I stepped out into the brisk fall air, I was warmed up from the inside out. It is moments like these that I did not care how much I have spent on favorite beverage.


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