What in the WORLD!

Last year Adam decided that it would be a grand idea to get on his little bicycle and ride from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney. Wait a second did you hear that? DEATH Valley to Mt. Whitney. Did you know that Death Valley is the lowest elevation in the Western Hemisphere, -282 feet below sea level. And guess what come with low elevation? HEAT!!! On July 10, 1913 Death Valley recored the HOTTEST temperature on earth, 134 degrees. I don’t understand why anyone would even want to visit a place like this yet alone ride thier bike there. He didn’t just ride his bike in Death Valley he rode 135 to the highest elevation in the continental U.S., Mt. Whitney, 14,496 above sea level. So here is the break down the start elevation -282, the distance 135 miles and the finish elevation 14,496. Crazy!

Adam rode this ride last year and now he wants to ride it again. He didn’t quite make it to the finish last year and I think he wants to prove that he can finish that he can now finish what he started last year. This Monday the 11th of October Adam will be riding from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney along side 12 other riders who are riding this as a fund raiser for Above and Beyond ministries part of Youth for Christ.

I so badly want Adam to finish this year, I think I want it more than him. I am excited and nervous and know that I will just have to continue to pray for him.


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