mind reading

A question that was asked recently by a friend to me and Adam was, “If you could have any super strengths or ablitlies what would they be?” And Adam being the dog lover that he is responded with being able to read the minds of dogs. I laughed at his answer because well I thought it was funny at first, but then I began to think what if I could read dog’s thoughts.

I wish I could read our Jack Russel Terrier, Henry’s thoughts. I mean what was going through his head when we were at the dog park as he kept trying to procreate with a male Doberman Pinscher. What is going on in his mind when he is aimlessly barking out the window? What is he thinking when he runs full speed through the house doing figure eights around the furniture? These are all things that Henry does, and I can’t seem to explain them, to make sense of why he does what he does. So if I could glimse into the mind of our small dog I could figure these things out. Don’t worry I’d let you know too, that is if you really wanted to know.

I make sense of the things that don’t make sense by saying that he is a dog. And that is just what dog’s do. That’s what separates me from him, he does dog things and I do human things. I mean after all I am a human and he is a dog.


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