Some Good Advice

I went running today. But before I went running I had dinner with a good friend, Kristi. I was complaning, no I mean expressing my concern of wanting to loose weight. I was telling Kristi that lately when I look in the mirror I just don’t like the looks of the person looking back. I went on to explain that when I look at pictures of models in magazines I think wow they are thin and they look good (I mean they should they are getting paid to). Yet I have a healthy understanding that I will not look like them ever. And I am ok with that. However the pictures that I do look at, that really upset me are the pictures of myself. The pictures from 2 years ago when I was thinner. They frustrate me because I know I can look like that girl in the picture.

At dinner today Kristi gave me some good advice about making sure I watched what I eat but more importantly for me she encouraged me to excercise. That exercise can have the same effects on a drepressed person as prozac would. In the past I used to exercise a lot more than I do today and know what she is talking about. It’s a great release to go for a run. All of that pent up anxiety from a hard day at work doesn’t seem to bother me as much when I am all sweaty and my muscles are sore.

But this is the part where I reach behind me with my arm going over my shoulder. This is where I give myself a pat on the back. I just didn’t sit and nod my head at the wise words of a friend. I actually believed my friend and then took action. I went running today!


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