Can’t Finish

I just can’t finish anything. But now it’s gotten so bad that I can’t start anything. So basically things that I wanted to do just don’t get done. I fully understand my problem of not finishing anything, and I think I’ve figured out how to solve it. If you don’t start something then there is no worry about not finishing. I have about 4 book sitting on my bookshelf that I have read about halfway through on each. Do I dare start another? NO WAY are you kidding.

I guess to slove my little problem here I should go to those books and little projects that I have started, finish each of them, and then start another. But only one book, one project at a time none of this starting 3 books at the same time. Then and then when I have finish then I may start another. I will try this and hopefully it will work. I’ll let you know.


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