Testing..1..2..3.. is this thing on?

Ok here I go. I think this is like my 5th attempt to write something cool. I mean you never know who could read this stuff, and to be honest I don’t know if anybody will. The thought of having your thoughts published on the internet is somewhat intimidating… just think millions of people could read this or nobody at all; now that thought isn’t intimidating it’s just sad.

The one thing that I do hope is that I will post more than this posting. You see I happen to be “one of those people,” that likes to start things but never quite finish them. I think it’s my attempt to be great at everything but really never settling down to doing one thing great. I’ve started little project here and there. I got my scuba diving certification (PADI) in Mexico when I was 21… but haven’t gone since. I have to be honest here I have done many things in my life of 25, I’ve been to China, I got my nose pierced, I even went to college but nothing compares to when I became a christian and decided to live my life for Christ, it’s been hard but well worth it. I’d like to think that the second greatest thing that I’ve ever done was marrying Adam.

…more to come.


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